Vision First: Shell, Joint Venture Partners Supporting Integration of Eye Care into Primary Health Care

Beyond treating eye complications and prevention blindness, the Vision First initiative helps identify potential eye problems in target communities before they deteriorate. Photo source: Shell Nigeria
For many Nigerians, having access to quality eye care can make a difference in the quality of life they live. Photo source: Shell Nigeria
The health education component of H-I-M is designed to educate the community members on eye health and eye care. Photo source: Shell Nigeria
Through advocacy and engagement, the Health in Motion team members work together with elders in communities to get their buy-in before taking the vision first project to them. Photo source: Shell Nigeria
The Shell community health team and community stakeholders form an important component of the Vision First project as they help sensitise and mobilise beneficiaries for surgeries. Photo source: Shell Nigeria
For Reverend Philemon Yebiboh who benefited from the Vision First project, being able to see the text in his bible again means the world to him. Photo source: Shell Nigeria
Performing simple tasks like being able to use mobile phones and ride motorcycles make all the difference for beneficiaries of the Vision First project. Photo source: Shell Nigeria
Successful partnership for the Vision First project requires identifying organisations that are passionate about making a positive community impact such as the Pro Sight International Eye Foundation. Photo credit: Photo source: Shell Nigeria



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