Organization and implementation of the Christian Aid Nigeria Health Journalism Masterclass.


Nigeria Health Watch is a not-for-profit organization offering communication and advocacy expertise in the health sector. Our dual strengths in health and communication enable us to provide perfect solutions for communications and advocacy in the health sector. Because of these strengths, Christian Aid Nigeria commissioned Nigeria Health Watch to carry out a Policy Influence and Social Media Campaign Advocacy (#Health4AllNaija) for Community–Based Health Insurance/Schemes (CBHIS).

The project is a collection of advocacy efforts to disseminate findings of Christian Aid’s scoping research on CBHIS. As part of the dissemination, more focused stories in print and online mainstream media is required to drive policy influence. To achieve this, a health journalism masterclass is to be organized with the goal of equipping journalists with the right tools and information needed to write more incisive articles on Community-Based Health Insurance.

Course Description

It is a focused one-day update course on writing for health journalists. This practical, case-oriented program will provide training for journalists reporting on health events and some editors. The short course will consist of pre-course reading material, baseline knowledge assessments, didactic lectures, interactive case studies, audio visual presentations and post course assessments.

Who is the course for?

The course will be designed for journalists who report on health and those interested in health reportage. Participants will be competitively selected from print, radio, television and online media. All interested journalists must apply and 20 will be selected to attend the Christian Aid Nigeria Health Journalism Masterclass.

What will be learnt on the course?

The purpose of this short course is to deliver a practical, interactive course in writing health stories for journalists, particularly CBHIS. It is particularly aimed at journalists on health beats and others interested in health reportage. The course will enable practical understanding of the principles of the thought process for reporting health events for public consumption.

The key objectives are for participants to:

· To understand CBHIS and the operations of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

· Understand why well written health stories is important for yourself, your organisation and the public;

· Learn about the process and cycle of writing health stories;

· To understand how to grow a social media presence, while maintaining scientific credibility

· How to conduct thorough search on a health topic before writing;

· Appreciate the ethical and legal responsibilities of writing;

Importance of creating networks of health experts


The main objective of this assignment is to enhance CBHIS reportage by improving the capacity of health journalists through this training to understand Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme and to report accurately.


With the supervision and guidance of the Communications Manager, the Consultant shall organize and conduct the health journalism masterclass as follows:

Develop Pre-course reading materials

Materials to include: Videos, Documents, Audios to be sent to selected journalists before commencement of the class

Content Formation and Masterclass direction

Conduct the masterclass

Identification of Health Journalism Masterclass Faculty


In addition to the preparation of TOR, reports and documents pertaining to the assignment, the consultant shall conduct pretests and posttests related to the above specified scope of works. The Consultant will submit a report on activities and assignments carried out during the period.


The Consultant will report to the Communications Manager, Nigeria Health Watch.


The assignment is scheduled to run from the 10th-11th of April 2017.

Place of assignment: Abuja


· Must be a firm with expertise in public health, journalism and research communications

· Ability to work independently, with minimum supervision;

· Proven ability to constitute and lead teams composed of geographically dispersed partner experts originating in various organizations;

· Very knowledgeable about Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme practices, policies and procedures (proof of expertise on CBHIS will be required).

· Ability and license to train other communicators and journalists.

· Knowledgeable about current health and communications trends and ability to train other communicators on these trends.


The remuneration will be an all-inclusive contract fee to be initiated upon contract signature, and in compliance with the Nigeria Health Watch’s established consultants’ remuneration scale considering requisite qualifications and experience.

Applications to be submitted to:

Deadline for applications: 21st March, 2017 at 17:00 hours WAT

Only applications in electronic format will be accepted.

Any questions or request for clarifications may be sent to the same e-mail addresses above.

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We use informed advocacy and communication to influence health policy and seek better health and access to healthcare in Nigeria.

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