Nigeria must improve health services for mothers and babies: here’s what can change

Nigeria needs to improve the quality of care available in tertiary health facilities to reduce death among women and their babies. Photo credit: Nigeria Health Watch

Unpacking the findings

The study included 54 tertiary hospitals across the six geopolitical zones of the country from September 2019 to August 2020. We created an electronic record of routine data about the health of mothers and babies during labour, childbirth, and the early postnatal period. This is the first time an electronic health data platform of this magnitude has been developed for the country.

Nigeria Health Watch
  • low education in the mother
  • lack of antenatal care
  • referral from another facility
  • previous Caesarean delivery
  • non-use of a labour monitoring tool
  • lack of a companion in labour
  • failure to give the mother an injection to stop bleeding after birth.

Making changes

It’s key to increase access to quality antenatal care where health workers can detect conditions before they deteriorate. Birth at facilities should be encouraged and supported.



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