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The Nigerian healthcare system is currently struggling on many fronts, from inadequate infrastructure, shortage of personnel, persistent strikes, inadequate training, and lack of efficient public private partnerships. At the same time, innovations in technology have driven the growth in other sectors such as banking and telecommunications, and many organisations are beginning to see opportunities in the health space. Increasingly, it is suggested that the convergence of health and technology may lead to surprising solutions that could help leapfrog stages of development of the health sector in Nigeria.

EpiAfric is pleased to invite health workers, including midwives, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory workers, dentists and doctors working in various levels of healthcare delivery in Nigeria to submit ideas for improving the health of Nigerians. This is an opportunity to pitch an idea that if actualized could improve the quality of healthcare delivery and consequently lead to better health outcomes for Nigerians. The most innovative ideas would be presented at an event with different tech stakeholders including tech developers and investors.


In not more than 250 words, please describe a practical idea that can improve the health services provided and the health system in Nigeria. This may be from an experience in your place of work, or from broader observations from the health system. The idea should not be vague and must address a specific health challenge. This idea may lead to the development of a tech or mobile health solution.

Shortlisted individuals will be invited to discuss their ideas at an event with tech developers and investors in May 2017.

Deadline for Submission

Kindly submit your ideas on or before Monday, 10th April, 2017, to

Successful applicants will be contacted two weeks after submission deadline.

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We use informed advocacy and communication to influence health policy and seek better health and access to healthcare in Nigeria.

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