By Amarachi Okeh (Lead Writer)

Face of a happy patient during a community outreach.Photo source: PJosh Diabetes Foundation

Nothing prepared Emmanuel Uchenna, founder of PJosh Diabetes Foundation, for his meeting with Samson Tamaraubrakemi, a 17-year-old who had Type 1 Diabetes, and who was sent away by his family because they could no longer afford to take care of him.

Described as one of the leading causes of death globally by the World Health Organisation (WHO), diabetes is a long standing disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce any or produces insufficient insulin. Type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes is an autoimmune disease — where the body attacks itself, in this case…

By Ifeyinwa Yusuf (Lead Writer)

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By Toluwani Oluwatola (Guest Writer)

Image credit: Nigeria Health Watch

Globally, March 20 is set by the International Federation of Dentists to celebrate oral health and raise awareness about oral health. Since its inception in 2013, every year has been marked by a theme to call individuals and governments to take action for oral health. This year’s theme is ‘Be Proud of your Oral Health”, a challenge for everyone globally to value and take care of their oral health because of its role in influencing overall health. In Nigeria, this day usually goes without notice, except for a few side events by people in the oral health industry.

The awareness…

By Olajide Adelana (Lead writer)

Image Credit: Nigeria Health watch

Balarabe Danladi Zakariya, a resident of Gabari, Kano State thinks he is jinxed and the reason is not far-fetched. He was married twice and lost both his wives in childbirth. His first marriage had a sweet beginning until his wife, Lami, died of breast cancer months after giving birth to their first child.

Zakariya found love again and married Hannatu, but that marriage was also short-lived. Hannatu got pregnant and died due to complications from childbirth one short year after their marriage.

Zakariya recounts painfully the harrowing conditions around his second wife’s death. “I rushed…

Pumwani Hospital Nutritionist, Beatrice Maribe helping a mother donate her milk at the Milk Bank Unit. Photo credit: Nigeria Health Watch

By Christabel Ligami (Lead Writer)

Esther Wawire, 23, delivered her daughter at Kenya’s Punwani Hospital two weeks ago, but was unable to breastfeed due to complications arising from the delivery. “I had high blood pressure, so my baby was born earlier than expected, weighing 800 grams,” she said. “My pressure didn’t go down immediately, and I was bleeding excessively, so I was transferred to another hospital for admission and my baby was taken to the nursery.”

When Esther recovered 10 days later, she said she found her baby being fed breast milk, donated by other mothers at the hospital.


By Patience Adejo (Lead Writer)

Image credit: Nigeria Health Watch

“Climate change is the environmental challenge of this generation, and it is imperative that we act before it’s too late.”- John Delaney.

Life is not possible without water.

As one of the most important substances on earth, water is an element that is useful to living and non-living things. It is used for agriculture, recreation, industry and hydroelectricity. Water plays a pivotal role in improving health outcomes.

Water covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface and continuously moves between the atmosphere, land and sea. …

By Thelma Chioma Abeku (Lead Writer)

A child during a Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) screening. Photo source: FHI360

With the insurgency disrupting not just the health sector, but economic, social, and political life in Northeastern Nigeria, accessing quality nutritious food for mothers and their children has been made more difficult due to the persistent humanitarian condition. A recent report shows that about 7.1 million people are in need. As incidents of insecurity keep rising, access to basic life-saving supplies such as social services, food security, and healthcare resources are impeded, leading to untold hardships, especially for vulnerable groups like women and children.

Regardless of the mounting challenges in delivering humanitarian services, FHI360…

By Beti Baiye (Lead Writer)

Image credit: Nigeria Health Watch

“Without mental health, there can be no physical health”- Dr Brock Chisholm

It is not an uncommon sight to see naked or half-clothed persons roaming the streets of villages, towns and cities in Nigeria. Commonly called ‘Ototolo’ (madmen) by the Ugep people of Cross River State, they live on and eat off the streets and generally display bizarre behaviour. …

By Bashar Abubakar (Lead Writer)

A GDGF volunteer educating young women & girls on the use and care of the Menstrual Cup in Lagos State. Photo source: GDGF

In total, a woman menstruates for an estimated seven years during her lifetime. During this time, in addition to grappling with mood swings due to hormonal changes and stomach discomfort, she must maintain her personal hygiene. One of the measures is using menstrual hygiene products to collect and hold blood during the monthly menstrual cycle. In a nutshell, it is seven years of challenges, resilience, and determination. Ochuko Samson is 16, and preparing for her senior secondary certificate exams. She says her journey through school has been challenging, especially since her periods started a few…

By Gabriel Oke and Hadiza Mohammed (Lead Writers)

World Kidney Day is celebrated every year to create awareness about kidney diseases and advocate for care towards people who are living with any stage of kidney disease. The day serves as a day to drive conversations and communicate the benefits of healthy living.

Over 2 million people worldwide are currently receiving treatment for a kidney disease either with dialysis, a process of removing waste products and excess fluid from the body or a kidney transplant but the good news is that kidney diseases can be prevented as long as we take…

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